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Aquaguard Essence RO + Auto UV Ayur is, world's only water purifier, which dispenses not only regular water but also, purified water infused with the goodness of 7 Ayurvedic ingredients simply at the touch of a button.
The unique combination of Ayurveda and state-of-the-art technology, imparts the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs & spices & the goodness of copper in your water.
It retains essential natural minerals like 1) Calcium and 2) Magnesium in the water, which makes the water not only pure but also healthy to consume.
Auto UV & Silver Shield ensures that the water remains contamination free even after the process of purification.
Ayur Fresh ™ Technology
Now get the goodness of ayurvedic ingredients in your water enriched with
7 ayurvedic herbs & spices- Tulsi, Ginger, Cloves,Cardomam, Cinnamon, Cumin, Black pepper.
Feel fresh & hydrated by the consumption of water enriched with the blend of ayurvedic ingredients
The Blend
1. Tulsi- Ayurveda texts mention the ability of tulsi leaves to boost immunity. They are also used to treat cough & cold
2. Ginger- known to provide relief from cold & cough and also increase digestive power
3. Cloves- known to fight dental diseases. Ayurvedic texts also recommend cloves as an effective anti-micrbial
4. Cardamom- Imparts freshness to breath & is known to help with stomach problems
5. Cinnamon-known to have anit-fungal & anti-bacterial properties
6. Cumin- As per Ayurvedic texts cumin helps improve digestion
7. Black pepper- Ancient Ayurveda says that black pepper gives relief from stomach & digestive disorders
Choiciest Ingredients Handpicked from Kerala, the land of spices-No Artificial Ingredients Added
No Added Preservative
No Added Flavours
No Added Colours
No Added Sweetners
Qualities imparted to water
Refreshing Aroma
Refreshing Taste
Uses of Ayur water
Consuming it directly
Serve as welcome drink
Add as accompaniment to your morning meal
Patented Active Copper Technology™*
The Active Copper cartridge infuses copper ions along with other essentail minerals into the water. Copper is known to boost the immune system and enhances the taste of water
Mineral Guard™
The advanced mineral guard technology helps to retain all essential natural minerals such as calcium & magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water.
Auto UV
Provides protection to purified water in the storage tank through the Auto UV which performs an auto run periodically to ensure dispense of safe & pure water 24x7
Zero Pressure Pump
Works at Low & No pressures & also creates suction of upto 3 feet below the purifier. This eliminates the need of buying an additional booster pump
Silver Shield**
Your Aquaguard water is now protected with Silver Shield** to safeguard your water from any possible bacterial and viral contamination.
Multi Functional Intutive Touch Sense Display Panel
Mineral Content Sensor - Senses the mineral content in your water, to always provide healthy water for consumption
Customised Dispense Options - Free flow of water, Fill a glass & a bottle
Dual Dispense - Get Ayur Water as well as Regular Water
Night Assist Mode - Operate the purifier even in the dark
Water Level Indicator - Shows the amount of water available in the tank
Service Alert - Alerts for electronic errors, when service is due & as end of cartridge life approaches
Touch Sensitive Display - Perform all Functions at the touch of a button
Supreme Aesthetics
The breath taking combination of Pearl white & metallic copper colours makes it the most beautiful water purifier
Contemporary Design
Sleek, compact & elegant perfect to add glamour to your plushkitchen
Installation Type
Counter Top+Wall Mount
Suitable For all Water Sources
The water purifier is suitable for TDS up to 2000mg/litre
Long Cartridge Life
Long Cartridge Life of 1 year or 6000 litre whichever is earlier (basis standardd test conditions as mentioned in user manual)
Warranty on RO Membrane***
1 year warranty on RO Membrane.*** 1 year or 6000L which ever is earlier
Smart Service App
The water purifier comes also with the eureka forbes smart app that notifies you when service is due & allows you to instantly schedule a service request
Energy Saving Mode
This mode automatically switches off the power supply to the water purifier once the water tank is full. This prevents wastage of energy, thereby helping you save on your monthly bills.
Health Protect Cartridge
Health Protect Electronic Authentication cartridges always ensure safe water or no water always.
Physical Specifications
Weight: 9.9 kg
DIMENSIONS MM (WxDxH): 367 x 314 x 567
Storage Capacity: 6 L
Technology Specifications
Purification Modules: Membrane Life Enhancer, l-Filter, Mineral Guard, Chemi-block, RO Membrane, Active copper, Silver Shield. Auto UV, Ayur cartridge.
Technical Specifications
Applicable TDS Range: 1 - 2000 mg/l
Input Water Pressure: up to 3 kg/cm2
Input Water Temperature: 10 - 40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max): 0.2 PPM
Input Water Iron: 0.3 PPM
Input Water Turbidity (Max): 10 NTU
UV Lamp: 0.65 WATTS
Life of UV Lamp: 10,000 burning hours
Power Specifications
POWER: 72 Watts (max.)
Voltage: 150 to 250 V AC, 50 Hz as per BIS norms.
Power Supply: Input 230 V AC / External AC-DC Adaptor, 24 V DC, 3 amps

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