Enhance NXT UV+AYUR-Instant

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Aquaguard Enhance NXT UV+Ayur is India's 1st inline water purifier which dispenses purified water infused with the goodness of 7 Ayurvedic ingredients at the touch of a button.
It is a unique combination of  1) Ayurveda and 2) state-of-the-art technology.
*AyurFresh refers to: feeling fresh and hydrated after drinking the purified water with the blend of Ayurvedic ingredients*
  • Ayur Fresh™ Technology*
    Enriches your water with the goodness of 7 Ayurvedic herbs & spices- Tulsi, Ginger, Cloves,Cardomam, Cinnamon, Cumin, Black pepper
  • Patented Active Copper Technology™*#
    It infuses Copper ions* along with other essential minerals into the water. Copper has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to support healthy metabolism. It also helps to provide the body with energy and is much needed for growth and development. The activated carbon removes organic components and polishes the water, giving it a sparkling look, thus making the water pure and great to taste. *IS 10500:2012 Drinking water specification (Acceptable limit).
  • Silver Shield*
    Your Aquaguard water is now protected with Silver Shield* to safeguard your water from any possible bacterial and viral contamination, post-purification. * IS 10500:2012 drinking water specification (Acceptable Limit)
  • Mineral Guard™
    The advanced mineral guard technology helps to retain all essential natural minerals such as calcium & magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water.
  • UV e-boiling™
    Ensures that each drop of water is as pure & healthy as water boiled for 20+ minutes.
  • The Blend
    Know the 7 Herbs & Spices:
    Tulsi- Ayurveda texts mention the ability of tulsi leaves to boost immunity. They are also used to treat cough & cold
    Ginger- known to provide relief from cold & cough and also increase digestive power
    Cloves- known to fight dental diseases. Ayurvedic texts also recommend cloves as an effective anti-micrbial
    Cardamom- Imparts freshness to breath & is known to help with stomach problems
    Cinnamon-known to have anit-fungal & anti-bacterial properties
    Cumin- As per Ayurvedic texts cumin helps improve digestion
    Black pepper- Ancient Ayurveda says that black pepper gives relief from stomach & digestive disorders
  • Best Option for Municipal Water
    The water purifier is suitable for TDS up to 200mg/litre
  • No Artificial Ingredients
    No Added Preservative
    No Added Flavours
    No Added Colours
    No Added Sweetners
  • Qualities imparted to water
    Refreshing Aroma
    Refreshing Taste
  • Uses
    Consuming it directly
    Serve as welcome drink
    Add as accompaniment to your morning meal
  • Long Cartridge Life
    Long Cartridge Life of 1 year or 6000 litre whichever is earlier (basis standardd test conditions as mentioned in user manual)
  • Energy Saving Mode
    Auto shut off feature that turns off the UV lamp when it is not in use for 10 minutes, thus enhancing the life of UV lamp. This ensures in power conservation which in turn helps you save on monthly bills
  • Health Protect Cartridge
    Health Protect Electronic Authentication cartridges always ensure safe water or no water always.
DIMENSIONS MM (WxDxH): 313 x 167 x 423
Installation Type: Wall Mounting
Storage Capacity: No Storage
Purification Modules: 4 Stages of Purification
Recommended for: Tap
Applicable TDS Range:1 - 200 mg/l
Water Flow Rate: 1.5 l/minute
Input Water Pressure: 0.3-3 kg/cm2
Input Water Temperature: 10 - 40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max): 0.2 PPM
Input Water Iron: 0.3 PPM
Input Water Turbidity (Max): 10 NTU
UV Lamp: 11 W
Life of UV Lamp: 8,000 burning hours
Operating Input Voltage: 230 V AC/50Hz 24VDC 2.5 A
Power Consumption: 35 Watts (max.)
Voltage: NA

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