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The KENT WATER FOUNTAIN is a multi-functional chiller-cum-inbuilt RO water purifier, which comes with the inline cooling system. Plastic water bottles that  commonly used in offices as well as commercial organizations, are a nuisance for your health as well as the environment. Keeping this risk factor in mind, KENT introduced the Next Gen water purification system-KENT Water Fountain. It is Based on a cutting-edge technology of RO+UF+TDS control system, the Water Fountain helps in removing different types of contaminants and thus you drink pure water. The smart chiller-cum-inbuilt RO water purifiers is and ideal option for commercial organizations and offices.




Purifies Water from all Sources

The multi-functional chiller-cum-inbuilt RO water purifier is ideal for purifying water from different sources. Be it water from the overhead tank or tanker, the water fountain can remove all types of impurities present in water.

Inline Cooling System

The water fountain uses a Next-Gen technology of Inline water-cooling system along with Ice Bath so that you get chilled water in an instant. You can be completely sure about the quality of water as the purified water is stored in a hydro-static tank and doesn’t come in contact of air during the cooling process.

Multiple Purification Process

KENT Water Fountain uses a multiple purification process of RO+UF+TDS Control to make water suitable for consumption. The RO membrane removes dissolved impurities, the UF filter reduces bacteria and cysts and the TDS Controller retains the essential natural minerals in water.

Automatic Operation

The water fountain purifies water automatically without the need for any human intervention. The advanced feature ensures that you don’t need to worry about running out of pure and chilled water at any time of the day.

Ultra-Fast Chiller

The water fountain is equipped with a fan-cooled condenser, which easily chills purified water at a rate of 30L/hr to ensure a steady stream of pure chilled water.

High Purification Capacity

KENT Water Fountain has a high purification capacity of 40L/hr.** - an extremely beneficial feature for commercial organizations that need a lot of water throughout the day.




Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Carbon Block

Applications: Suitable for Brackish/Tap Water

Purification Production Rate: Up to 40 L/hr.

Input Power Supply: 230 V AC, 50Hz

Weight: 62.5 kg

Storage Capacity: 7 L

Body Material: Stainless steel/ABS Food Grade Plastic

Cooling Capacity: 30 L/hr



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