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Model : MIL1199-5L


Mantra Oxygen Concentrator is specially designed to ensure continuous oxygen to ambulatory patients who require oxygen therapy. Even if oxygen supply is needed in a plane, a park, or a living room, Mantra Oxygen Concentrator is an ideal product inorder to deliver pure oxygen without having to worry about the insufficient supply of oxygen. Therefore there is no need to carry any heavy cylinders as the portable design of this oxygen concentrator along with the presence of wheels help to carry it anywhere easily. The Mantra Oxygen Concentrator is made of PSA technology, which helps to separate oxygen from the air. It helps to enhance the level of oxygen in the blood, detoxify the blood, and thereby help raise the energy level in the body. It is equipped with an oil free compressor and makes it an energy efficient product. With the maximum flow of this oxygen concentrator is 5L/min, and the oxygen density is around 93%. You should be carefull that you do not use an oxygen concentrator at home unless it has been prescribed by a health care provider. Giving yourself oxygen without ensuring that you have talked to a doctor first may do more harm than good. Thus, you may end up taking too much or too little oxygen. When you yourself decide to use an oxygen concentrator without a prescription can lead to serious health problems, such as oxygen toxicity caused by receiving too much of oxygen. Moreover, it can also lead to a delay in receiving treatment or serious conditions like COVID-19. Oxygen makes up about 21% of the air around us, but breathing high concentrations of oxygen may damage your lungs. Whereas, On the other hand, not getting enough oxygen into the blood, a condition called hypoxia, could damage the heart, brain, and other organs. So first find out if you really need oxygen therapy by checking with your health care provider. And, If you do, then your health care provider can determine how much oxygen you should take and for how long.


High Efficient Molecular Sieve: Molecular sieve from France, with high performance effiency to offer oxygen with pure upto 95.5% by PSA technology

Silent Compressor: Highly efficient oil-free compressor with copper core fine tuned for silent operation, lowest power consumption and enhanced self life.

Mute Design: Low noise level achived by repeated optimization of every details to ensure silent operation to enable sleep without disturbance (noise <48 decibel).

Fault Detective Function: Equipped with fault detective alarm system for Hypoxic Low oxygen level, Low pressure, Error/Power failure.

Enhanced Filtration: Six stage oxygen filtration with Italian HEPA filter to ensure removal of 99.99% of particle above 0.3micron which is above international standard 2.5micron to avoid bacterial infection.

Dual Use: MIL 1199 is a dual function equipment to function as oxygen generator and as nebulizer/ Atomizer.



Flow: 0.5-5L/min (adjustable)
Model : MIL1199-5L
Rated Voltage: 220+/- 10%v/50*/-1 HZ
Instrument classification: Class II
Continuous Working Time: 24 hours
Net Weight: 16 Kg
Product Size: 38*33*60 cm
Processing Mode: 6-stage oxygen filtration
Oxygen Output Pressure: 40kPa-60kPa
Oxygen Concentration: >93%+/- 3%
Rated Power: 350W
Working Noise: <48dB(A)

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