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The Blood pressure indicates the pressure borne by the arterial vascular walls when the blood flows through the arterial vascular walls. The blood pressure of the arterial vascular walls changes constantly during cardiac cycle. The highest pressure during cardiac is called high pressure value (systolic pressure); the lowest pressure is called low pressure value (diastolic pressure). The high and low pressure values are a necessary basis for diagnosis of blood pressure conditions of patients by doctors. Irregular pulse wave indicates instantaneous heartbeat rhythm is detected to exceed 25% out of the range of average heartbeat rhythm when the blood pressure monitor is used for measuring high and low pressure values. If there is irregular pulse wave, please consult a doctor Your blood pressure will be affected by body movement, anxious motion and different time periods in the day. You should measure at least two times and get an average value measurement for accuracy. Therefore, it is the best to measure blood pressure at the sametime of each day to obtain accurate sign of blood pressure change. Usually blood pressure measured in the morning is relatively low , and gradually rise from afternoon to the night. Additionally, blood pressure is relatively low in summer, and relatively high in winter Arrhythmia is a result-driven electrical system of the heart as a result of abnormal heart rhythm conditions. The typical symptoms are: 1.Palpitations(a feeling of skipped heart beats, fluttering or “flip-flops,” or feeling that your heartis “running away”). 2.Pounding in your chest. 3.Dizziness or feeling light-headed. 4.Fainting. 5.Shrtness of breath. 6.Chest discomfort. 7.Weaakness or fatigue (feeling very tied).



Intelligent Functions: Equipped with 7 th Generation IntelliSense Technology automatic pressurization and decompression, along with body movement, and IHB heartrate irregularity detection.

Arrhythmia Indication: Advance Electronic system used to detect abnormal heart rhythm conditions to indicate. Arrhythmia by flickering in LCD display.

Dual Enlarged Memory: 198 Memories of readings. (2 x 99 memories) to enable maintain data of two users simultaneously.

Over Pressure Protection: Automatically exhaust when the air pressure exceeds 295mmHg (20MS).

Futuristic Design: Easy to use, Aesthetic, Compact, Sturdy design build with impact resistance Polycarbonate body. Equipped with advance feature including WHO Blood pressure level indicator.

High Accuracy: Clinically verified and tested for high accuracy. Automatic computation of average mean value of last three readings. Suitable for home use & medical centers.




Measurement Range:  (20-280) mmHg/ (2.7-3.7)kPa (Blood Pressure)
                                     (40-160) times/min (Pulse rate)
Accuracy:                     +/-3mmHg/+0.4 kPa (Blood Pressure)
                                     +/-5% (Pulse rate)
Dual Power Mode:        2 “AAA” 1.5V Alkaline
                                      Micro USB cable Type B
Storage:                        198 Memories (2x 99 Memories)
Air Charge Mode:          Automatic Charging
Air Leakage Device:      Air Relief Value 
                                      Electronic Air Release Value
Display:                         Liquid Crystal Display Screen
Automatic Shutdown:   30 Seconds



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